A Motivation Jib Crane for Every Job

5 Types of Jib Crane Models We Offer:


Freestanding: The free-standing product line by Motivation has a series of nine different models to meet your needs on any job-site. Each model is based off the length of the arm span, the capacity of the weight, and the degree of the rotation, with additional electronic, air, and vacuum lifting attachments available. 


Wall mounted: There are four different models within the wall mounted jib crane line, perfect for providing lifting coverage of a semi-circular area. Ideal for busy factories, they can be easily hidden and folded away with no foundation needed.


Articulating: Motivation’s Articulating Jib Cranes rotate 360 degrees, making them convenient for lifting loads around corners, through open doorways or into machines. Service any point between the pivot and the anchor, with additional attachments available for customization.


Portable: Move from location to location with ease with our portable jib cranes. Their unique design requires no anchor to the ground, utilizing a concrete filled base for structural support instead. 


Ceiling mounted: Stationary mounted or attached to a platform allowing the service of multiple workstations, Motivation’s Ceiling Mounted Jib Crane provides a helpful and unique lifting application. Choose from electronic, air, and vacuum lifting attachments as needed.


No matter the model or series you start with, every Motivation Jib Crane is completely customizable – something that is important to us and our customers. Get the right Jib Crane for your job…not just one that will get the job done!

A Motivation Jib Crane for Every Job
A Motivation Jib Crane for Every Job