Manual Chain Hoists

Primarily used for vertical lifting, Motivation offers a range of hand chain and leveler hoists that utilize the power of the worker. Manual hoists are the ideal lifting solution for construction, industrial and maintenance applications.

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Manual Chain Hoist

Manual Chain Hoist

• Standard lift is 10 ft .Hand chain drop is 2 ft less than lift

• High strength, grade 80 alloy steel load chain with galvanized finish for corrosion resistance

• Hooks are alloy steel, heat treated and equipped with hook latches and inspection points

• Overload limiting device to prevent lifting loads beyond rated capacity

Hand Chain Hoists (CB)

Hand Chain Hoists (CB)

• Capacity 1/2 to 50 metric tons

• High-quality steel

• Self-closing top and bottom hooks with heavy-duty hook latch

• Maintenance-free sealed bearings increase reliability and reduce pull force required to lift loads

Leveler Hoists (LB)

Leveler Hoists (LB)

• Capacity ¾ to 9 metric tons

• Top and bottom hooks rotate 360 degrees

• Weston-style load brake with four braking surfaces, two brake pads and two brake pawls for added safety

• 360-degree handle rotation