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Custom Modular Lifting Beam Assembly

Motivation Industrial Equipment designed and manufactured a fully adjustable, modular lifting beam assembly that was adjustable to account for the various widths, modules could be added and subtracted to account for the various lengths, and a custom program was created to determine the optimal crane attachment location

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KYJO Steel

"We have been long time customers of Motivation Industries. They have made it so easy to get what we need, in order to work efficiently and safely. Their commitment to quality is above the rest, assuring our equipment is the best available. We will continue to turn to Motivation for our material handling equipment in the future."

- Kent Johnston, Kyjo Steel

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Magna Facility

St. Thomas, ON

Starting back in 2006, Motivation Industrial Equipment manufactured and installed the first of 5 motorized gantries at the Magna facility In St. Thomas, ON. Its simple operation, reliability and ease of use has prompted Magna to have a further 4 motorized gantries installed. The most recent being a 20,000 lb gantry specifically designed to lift dies for the roll forming process. Equipped with anti-collision devices, remote control operation, safety horns, lights and mirrors, the gantries have been critical in the movement of the dies throughout the Magna facility. A rail system was also manufactured and anchored to the floor for smooth and precise movement of the system.

Motivation Industrial Equipment Ltd. opened its doors in Ontario, Canada in 1966 and has since been specializing in a broad range of crane products for a wide array of industries. Our material handling and lifting equipment are available in standard designs but we pride ourselves in our custom designs that work for individual client needs. From below hook attachments to floor cranes and pallet lifters, the possibilities are endless. Motivation Industrial can customize the right equipment that will work for you.