Drum Handling

Looking for the best material handling solution for your drums? Look no further. Motivation is a distributor of the most extensive line of drum handling equipment in the industry. Be it a crane or forklift attachment, we provide a multitude of below the hook drum lifting options to keep your business moving. Custom models are available. Give us a call if your requirements aren’t listed.

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Grip + Go

Grip + Go

• 14” to 24” (diameter

• Typical 15-gallon to 55-gallon

• Capacity 1500 lbs

• Drum types: Steel, Plastic, Fiber

• Can Turn 180 degree to fully invert drum

Morspeed 1000

Morspeed 1000

• Mounts on forks without any tools

• Requires drum of at least 50 lbs

• Steel Jaws to grab drum

• Safety chain secures unit to carriage of forklift

Verti Karrier

Verti Karrier

• Lifts a drum weighing up to 1000 lbs

• Lifts your standard 55 gallon steel drum

• Grip doesn’t disconnect until drum is fully down

Below Hook Drum Lifter

Below Hook Drum Lifter

• Up to 1000 lbs capacity

• 34’-36’ in length

• Stainless steel rods

• Hooks are spark resistant aluminum