G Force

When precision, lifting power and speed are essential to your operation, turn to Motivation to provide an ergonomic solution for your requirements. We partner with a variety of industry leaders to bring you the very best in intelligent lifting equipment.

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Combining the very best in design and innovation the G-Force I and IQ series are ideal for applications involving automotive assembly, repetitive lifting, parts assembly, machining and more. Working in harmony with bridge cranes and articulating jib cranes, the G-Force units improve safety and productivity.

• Available in 165, 330, 660 and 1320 lbs

• Max speed up to 200 fpm

• More responsive performance: faster acceleration and deceleration

Easy Arm

Easy Arm

This combination of the G-Force and an articulating jib crane is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a turn-key, plug and play lifting solution. You get the strength, speed and precision of the G-Force with an ergonomic articulating jib crane.

• 165, 330 and 660 capacities

• 14’ maximum work span

• Easy to assemble and relocate