Gorbel G-Force® and Easy Arm®

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At Motivation Industrial Equipment, we believe in partnering with industry leaders to bring you innovative solutions for all your material lifting and handling needs. Think about end effector tooling and the range of items possibly being lifted. Each application can be incredibly different from the next and usually require a costly custom engineered tooling modification.

Role handling applications most often have a standard diameter core. This allows for lifting and rotation of standard core diameters with the quick-change chucks of the MRT 330 roll handler. When we pair this standardized solution, integrated with Gorbel’s G-Force or Easy Arm, costs are drastically minimized, you save valuable production time, and no longer need a new tooling solution for every application.

What is the G-Force® and Easy Arm® from Gorbel?

These are intelligent lifting devices at their finest. These high speed, high precision solutions usually require no end tooling while allowing you to grip, lift, move, lower and release a load with a single application. These innovative solutions increase productivity, are extremely ergonomic, and reduce product damage – saving you money.

End effector tooling engages the load, so it can be lifted and manipulated in whatever way your application requires. Motivation Industrial Equipment utilizes our worldwide network of tooling integrators to provide the best solutions for your application. Check out Gorbel’s flyer for more detailed options and find the right end-effector tooling for your needs:


For material lifting and handling equipment that make your job easier, contact Motivation Industrial Equipment. Our goal is to partner with companies that complement our line of products, enhancing product performance, increasing the utility of our equipment, and bringing you cost-effective solutions that save on your bottom line.


Gorbel G-Force® and Easy Arm®
Gorbel G-Force® and Easy Arm®